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Pepito, a tiny kitten, endears himself to each and all in his new surroundings. He grows and learns and captivates with his exceptional personality. This tale will foster in children an appreciation of the written word, while enriching their vocabulary. Let us treasure the old-fashioned style story!

Pepe and Paco

Pepe is a Tiger, his markings are decidedly and conveniently striped.  He has a slinky tiger walk and a looking-for-trouble demeanor. Paco, who is a delightful beige color that shimmers in the sunlight and moonlight and has puff cheeks with pronounced half-black whiskers, resembles a young Lion.  Each one roams the jungle-like grounds.  And when they have encounters the air is rent with the most awful squalling, caterwauling noises you can imagine! They reverberate and send mistress, maid and houseboy rushing to see what is the matter.

Pepito (versión española)

Pepito, un diminuto gatito, se enriquece a todos y cada uno en su nuevo entorno. Crece y aprende y cautiva con su excepcional personalidad. Este cuento fomentará en los niños una apreciación de la palabra escrita, mientras enriquece su vocabulario. Atesoremos la manera tradicional de contar historias!